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PayPrep.com provides you with an accurate, convenient, easy to use online payroll service. From your PC at home you can fulfill all your payroll obligations, while spending as little as five minutes per payroll period.

After you become a PayPrep.com member, login to your account at your convenience and have our system calculate your tax liability. PayPreP.com will then do the rest, which includes:

Payprep.com sets up your account and does your state and federal registrations for free. This includes New Hire reporting. We also provide ongoing consultation on a host of nanny issues. Just call us at 718-832-2032 or 347-423-4591

Each Payroll Period
After inputting the gross or net pay for your employee, PayPreP.com will calculate the Federal (FICA and FUTA) and state withholding plus other applicable taxes, like disability and SUI. We will immediately calculate the NET CASH to pay your employee and the payroll taxes due.

Simply give your employee the NET CASH amount (cash, check, bank transfer, whichever is most convenient).

Each and every quarter, PayPreP.com will file all the appropriate returns with the federal and state tax authorities. These services include Electronic transfer of balances to the various jurisdictions and signature ready forms if necessary for you to download. Your account will list your current and past payroll information.

PayPrep.com will provide year end forms for your employee e.g. W-2s as well as W-3s for you. We will also provide Schedule H and other information for you tax professional's use.

Fee Structure

	Quarterly Fee 			$125.00
Setup Fee 0.00
Processing Fees 0.00
Handling Charges 0.00
Talk-to-Live-Person Fees 0.00
Year end reports (W2s etc.) 0.00
Your Total Quarterly Fees $125.00